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My favorite soap making sites

Hi everyone, here are some of the sites I like to purchase my soap making supplies from. This site is great and the customer service people are awesome. is also another one I really like they have some free recipes that are easy to follow. is also one of my favorites.  They have some designer oils that are very nice.  All these sites have good descriptions of the items and prices are not bad.

Today I am going to give you a recipe from for shower gel. 

1 1/2 Cup of Super concentrate

4 Cups Distilled water

3 Tablespoons of Glycerin

3 Tablespoons Almond oil (optional)

½ teaspoon fragrance oil (optional)

20 Drops of liquid colorant (optional)

1.2 ounces Humectant (optional)


Use distilled (purified is not distilled) water for best clarity in the end product; tap water will add a cloudiness.   Use a stick blender to mix in the Super Concentrate, colorant and fragrance.  (A stick blender must be used to mix because hand stirring will not mix it in properly.) Mix for about 1 minute.  Allow mixture to sit overnight before bottling to give the air time to escape and the mixture will return clear.  

If you add oils to the mixture then it will be opaque and have slight foam on top. If you add humectant, it will give your finished product an amber tint.


When I made this I left out the Humectant, and it turned out very well. The super concentrate is a little expensive, but it goes a long way.  Make sure you use metal measuring spoons and wipe the fragrant oil out of the spoon ASAP or it will gunk up the spoon.  I used 4oz bottles with disk tops from brambleberry just because I had them on hand, but soap crafters also have bottles.  Brambleberry bottles have better prices.

The biggest tip I can give you is when filling the bottles, either use a small funnel, but I like to use a big syringe which I purchased from a local farm store which is use to give shots to large animals. I labeled them with mailing labels from an office supply store, and don't advise doing this.  The ink ran and the labels came off in the water, so I will have to just buy some from one of the sites for better results.

Well, that is my recipe from it is very easy and fun!

Have a great weekend!

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